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-Top 10 Most Allergy Friendly Restaurants in America!

We are thrilled to top this list again....thank you AllergyEats.




-Me and GFree: 13 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Washington, DC.  

We are thrilled to be on this list; as we are located closer to Baltimore off Rt 95, we are definitely a destination for those from the DC area!




-FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) (Sept 6, 2017) Food Allergy Hero Spotlight: Maureen Burke



-Allergic Living Magazine (May 18, 2017) Allergy Friendly, Gluten-Free Bakery Tour Round 2; 



-Washington Family Magazine (February 2017):  Welcome Back to the Table; Local Mom Profile; Interview with Maureen Burke, Owner of One Dish Cuisine, Cafe, Deli and Bakery:  pgs 11-13. By Debbie Williams.



-Baltimore Jewish Living (Janurary 2017): Reality Check by Randi Rom; Page 67




-Interview (December 2016) by Dr. Donna DeCosta, Founder of Food Allergy & Sensitivity Circle and Author of A Little Bit Can Hurt; The Shocking Truth About Food Allergies.



-Columbia Flier (December 27, 2016) Ellicott City Cafe is Haven for Allergic Diners

Click Here for Article


-Baltimore Sun (December 21, 2016) Ellicott City's One Dish Cuisine Draws Diners with Food Allergies from Across the Country

Click here for Video and Article


-Food Service Monthly (December 2016) The World According to Randi (favorite things) 

Randi Rom sends you back to us again for our pizza!  Link coming soon!


-AllergyEats.com (November 16, 2016) One Dish Cuisine The Most Allergy Friendly Restaurant in America



-Part 2:  Allergy Eats November 30, 2016 "The Greatest Food Allergy Dining Out Story Ever Told"



-Yahoo Finance (November 2016) AllergyEats has named One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli & Bakery the most allergy friendly restaurant in the United States



-Howard Magazine (November 2016) Best Restaurants; Gluten-Free Options (pg 32 & 33 for feature story)



-Gluten-Free Connecticut 2016: "One Dish Cuisine- In Your Face Food Allergies!"

"Gluten Free Connecticut is all about Connecticut. In fact, when we have to step outside the state, we often wish we were back home, where all our favorite gluten-free grub is. However, when we stumbled upon One Dish Cuisine in Ellicott City, MD earlier this month, we knew it was too good to keep to ourselves."



-Allergic Living Magazine Summer 2016: Allergy Shots Bakery Tour  Page 9 

"Tucked away within their cafe, compassionate bakers are eager to accomodate with the utmost allergen-safe care. The grand assortment of breakfast pastries, breads and desserts is simply the icing on the cake."


 -Tripping.com (April 2016): Best GF Bakeries in the U.S. Maryland = One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli & Bakery



 -City Paper (February 2016): How to Dine Out in Baltimore with Food Allergies: "One Dish Cuisine in Ellicott City is an especially propitious dining choice for anyone with serious allergies to any- or even all- ingredients such as dairy, soy, eggs, gluten, fish, shellfish and nuts". 




-Allergic Living Magazine (Summer 2015): Safe Dining Guide: "Ultimate Spot for Safe Food", page 29.



-Simply Gluten Free Magazine (Spring 2015) Share Your Story; "A One-of-a-Kind Allergen-Free Safe Haven"; pgs 18-20: 



-Delight Gluten Free Magazine (May 2015) Gluten-Free Blogger of the Week 

Delight’s Gluten-Free Blogger of the Week: Maureen Burke


-Food Service Monthly (March 2015) "Few of My Favorite Things; One Dish Cuisine Pizza"



-Allergy Eats (January 2015): "The #1 Rated Independent Restaurant on Allergy Eats" 

Dishing With One Dish Cuisine: The #1 Rated Independent Restaurant on AllergyEats


-Mamacado Blog (March 2015) "A Healthy Balance of Food, Family & Fun with a Food Allergy Twist" 

Eating Freely at One Dish Cuisine



-Food Service Monthly (December 2013) "Best New Restaurant Idea"



-Washington Post (February 2013) "With Food Allergies Rising; A Maryland Restaurant Caters to Sufferers"



-Howard Magazine (February 2013; pages 31-34) "Safe Haven and Scrumptious, Ellicott City's One Dish Cuisine is devoted to those with food allergies.."  Link coming soon


-Fox 45 News Baltimore (February 2013) Video Link coming soon



-Washington DC Eater (December 2012) Tom Sietsema's Top 2012 Newcomers:



-Washington Post (December 2012) "Good to Go" 




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